Power Metal
Released May 1988
Recorded N/A
Length 38:10
Label Metal Magic
Produced by Pantera, Marc Ferrari, Jerry Abbott "The ELd'n"

Power Metal is the fourth studio album by heavy metal band Pantera, released in May 1988 on Metal Magic Records.

The album showcases a style closer to thrash metal rather than hard rock, which formed the basis of the band's previous three albums; however, traces of glam metal can still be heard. It can also be considered the album who originated power metal, hence its name and the fact that some of its songs have elements that would come to be very common in this style.

Notably, Phil Anselmo makes his first appearance on vocals (having replaced former vocalist Terry Glaze), as well as guitarist Diamond Darrell, who performs vocals on "P·S·T·88" (he later provided vocals for the songs "Caged in a Rage" and "Heard It on the X", from the soundtracks to Supercop and ECW: Extreme Music, respectively).

"Proud to Be Loud" was written and produced by Keel guitarist Marc Ferrari and was originally intended to appear on that group's self-titled album, Keel (1987); however, Keel would not record a version of the song until 1998. Pantera's version was used as the party song in the theatrical cut of the 2001 film, Donnie Darko, credited to "The Dead Green Mummies". Glaze also helped to co-write "Down Below", with an earlier recording of the song appearing on Pantera's third album, I Am the Night (1985).

Like that of their previous albums, having not been reissued by the band since its original release on CD, vinyl and cassette, official non-bootlegged editions of the album have become rare collectors items, with any that exist often being circulated through online auction websites such as eBay.


  1. "Rock the World"
  2. "Power Metal"
  3. "We'll Meet Again"
  4. "Over and Out"
  5. "Proud to Be Loud"
  6. "Down Below"
  7. "Death Trap"
  8. "Hard Ride"
  9. "Burnnn!"
  10. "P·S·T·88"


  • Phil Anselmo – vocals (except track 10), background vocals, co-producer
  • Diamond Darrell – guitar, vocals (track 10), background vocals, co-producer
  • Vinnie Paul Abbott – drums, background vocals, co-producer
  • Rex Rocker – bass guitar, tubular bells (track 3), background vocals, co-producer

Additional CreditsEdit

  • Marc Ferrari – guitar (tracks 3, 5), background vocals, co-producer
  • Jerry Abbott – producer
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